Whitsunday Christmas

Around the World at this time of the year everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Excitement is in the air. Children are counting down the days until Santa Clause arrives.

Hundreds of people enjoyed sitting in their deck chairs and watching the “Carols by the Beach” at Airlie Beach at the start of December.

Airlie Beach
Enjoying Carols by the Beach
The sign that says it all

Christmas trees are being installed in homes with beautiful ornaments being placed decoratively amongst the branches. Christmas Cards have been posted and families are anxiously awaiting the Postman’s daily delivery of mail to see who has remembered them with a card, a gift or a note telling them what has happened in their world this year.

Families are frantically preparing for Christmas and by now the Fruit Cakes, Christmas Puddings, Gingerbread men, Fruit mince tarts and all the other delicious Christmas food has been baked.

Presents have been bought and wrapped and placed lovingly beneath the Christmas tree.

Here in the Whitsundays, we celebrate Christmas just the same as around the world with a few differences.

On Daydream Island here in the Whitsundays, our Santa arrives by Jet ski, loaded with parcels and still wearing his red Santa suit.100_1340

Unlike the cooler climes of Europe we are sweltering under the hot summer sun. Queensland where I live is drought declared and we have had no rain for months.

Copy of 100_1120
Frangipanni in flower

Still, the “wet”season plants are blooming and the fruit trees are laden with fruit. We have picked over 200 Mangoes from just one of our trees this year and they are delicious!

Laden mango Tree
Bat flower
Water Lily
Heliconia in flower

Some of our ornaments are traditional but often we see garlands of shells  or coral being hung instead of Tinsel.20151220_162558 20151220_162459Instead of stars we may see Starfish20151220_161046

Christmas day, most people will have been for a swim before Christmas lunch time and the lunch will be served cold with an emphasis on delicious, beautifully prepared local Seafood eg: Prawns, Bugs and Lobster.

Living on the Great Barrier Reef there will be the freshest locally caught Reef fish served as well.

Traditionally Turkey and ham will be on the menu but usually served with tropical salads.

Dessert will consist of Christmas pudding served cold with Ice-cream. I usually add my Grandmother’s delicious recipe of OP  (over proof) Trifle as my Dad used to call it because it is laced with Sherry.

Champagne corks will be popping and cold Beers will be poured.

All in all it will be a very enjoyable day here in the tropics.

We would like to wish you and your family wherever you are in the world a very happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

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