Whitsundays in December 2016

Every year as December 1st rolls around, I get excited at the thought that Christmas is just 25 days away.


I love all the traditions of Christmas. Christmas trees swathed in tinsel with sparkling lights and glittering decorations. Ornaments collected from around the world admired once again and put on display. Old friends that you haven’t kept in touch with over the year, but make a special effort to post a Christmas card to, enclosing a friendly note to let them know what you have been doing since last you wrote. A time for families to get together. And last but not least, all the delicious festive feasting.

Because it is hot and the humidity makes it very steamy, we here in the Whitsundays have to prepare well in advance if we are going to celebrate a traditional Christmas dinner.

 In order that the Christmas pudding will be moist and flavoursome, I cook the pudding by the first week in November. I try to cook it in the cooler months of the year so as not to heat the house up and generally steam it in June or July if I am not travelling in Europe at that time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year I steamed two puddings to share with our family in Brisbane and also a rich moist fruit cake baked in July. I marinated dried fruit for one month in French Brandy before baking the cake. As the cake cooked, the aroma wafting around my kitchen smelt delicious

Every year I still like to follow tradition on Christmas day. Our celebration starts at around noon. I usually serve Finger food with a glass of bubbly as we open the presents, followed by cold Sea food, Hot Turkey with all the trimmings and of course the old family favourite, hot steamed Christmas pudding with Brandy custard and cream. Yum!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Many Whitsunday families like to take advantage of the tropical fruit in season such as delicious juicy sweet Mangoes, Guavas, Lychees and Water melons. Colourful Salad vegetables and abundant tropical seafood is readily available in the Whitsundays and families enjoy Christmas dinner in a relaxed way by their swimming pools. World class Australian wines and beer accompany their meal.

Delicious fruit platter supplied by Whitsunday Provisioning

Now that the temperature has risen to around 35 degrees each day, with the humidity level of 90%, we dine on the patio for all our meals. We enjoy delicious tropical fruits and vegetables and cook all our food in the outside kitchen. 

When we are home, it is enjoyable during the hot summer months in the evening relaxing and sitting on our patio with the balmy night breeze swaying the palm fronds and fragrant lush blooms wafting their scented perfume around us in our tropical garden.


Out on the azure blue water of the Whitsunday Island anchorages, Sundowners is a delightful time of the day. Usually about 5 O’Clock many holidaying sailors relax after a perfect day’s sailing over a chilled glass of wine or beer.  One of the local providors that has been operating in the Whitsundays for over 30 years “Whitsunday Provisioning”encourages holiday makers to sit back, relax and enjoy their superb Seafood, fruit and cheese platters, as well as everything needed for a perfect Christmas dinner.”Whitunday Provisioning” takes the worry out of preparing for Christmas and also delivers directly to the yacht while it is in the marina before departure. The food is beautifully presented on platters. It can be presented and ready to serve. Christmas dinner taken care of in the click of a mouse!

Sasha our poodle loves all things Christmas and one year arose early to open her presents. We wondered why she was so quiet until we discovered all the mess in the lounge room and Sasha delighted to have opened her own presents!

Sasha – Oh  Oh, caught in the act!

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