Whitsundays in November

The celebrations started early at our home when the evening prior to the beginning of November, we were visited en masse by Witches, Warlocks, Clowns and other scarily dressed children Trick or Treating. Halloween had arrived!  We ran out of our supply of lollies because we had so many visitors and also because Barry insisted on quality testing the lollies! There were a lot of laughs and giggles when Barry asked for a trick! No-one was prepared for that reply!

Tuesday 01 November

The sun shone brightly in the Whitsundays and stayed fine in Melbourne 2477.2 Kilometres away for the ‘’Race that stops the nation’’. All Australians join in to celebrate the Melbourne Cup. This Horse race has now been run every year since 1865 and is an Australian icon. It is the most lucrative Horse Race in Australia and held every year on the first Tuesday of November.


Valentines anti pasta at La Tabella
 Anti pasta at La Tabella
Chris our waiter
All the girls

Along with several of my friends, I enjoyed a ladies luncheon at La Tabella, one of my favourite Restaurants in Airlie Beach and found that all the ladies had dressed in race wear for the occasion. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and were spoiled by Lenny and Chris our hosts. When the race began, the roar went up as diners cheered and applauded the horses as they raced towards the finishing line.  My fellow diners were delighted that they had backed the winner, Almandin, on the Melbourne Cup. Sadly my horse, Rose of Virginia ran last. It didn’t matter we had all had a wonderful day.

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