Whitsundays in September

We could not have asked for better weather this “dry” season. By this time of the year the ground is starting to harden up and the grass is normally starting to brown off. This year however, with a few light showers of rain, mainly at night, the air is fresh, the grass is green and the lush foliage on the tropic trees and plants is resulting in shiny green leaves, and an abundance of colourful flowers blooming at their loveliest.


We decided to drive to Mackay, the main city in our region, just 1 ½ hours from Airlie Beach to attend their Orchid Extravaganza held at the Orchid House on Sunday 18 September. What a delight!  I had never seen such a large collection of the most beautiful Orchids of every species and colour. They were truly stunning.

Later we visited the Art Exhibition that my dear friend Maree Angus held at the Old Town Hall Mackay. Maree is a Fine Artist, Master pastellist, PSA AND Art Teacher. The exhibition was titled “Bodies at Work”. I especially love Maree’s paintings of Dogs and Horses as she captures the expression in their eyes and the lines of their bodies.

Maree’s web site is http://www.mareeangus.com 

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