Whitsundays in August

The historical Township of Proserpine

Just 25 minutes’ drive from Airlie Beach, through lush tropical countryside and acres of Cane fields sits the beautiful township of Proserpine.

Cane fields near Proserpine
Cane fields near Proserpine

Amongst the many historical buildings still in use in Proserpine the “Queenslanders” feature in the township. These houses are built high on poles and designed to allow the water to flow through the lower level during the wet season flooding and to encourage the cool air to flow up through the dwelling’s timber floorboards during the dry season. The gardens surrounding these houses are filled with beautiful Bromeliads in colours ranging from golden Yellow, Orange, Russet, Green and Purple – just gorgeous.

Proserpine Sugar Mill
Proserpine Sugar Mill

“Full steam ahead!” I think as I drive along Hamilton plains with the view of Proserpine in sight. No, I cannot see any steamships on Proserpine River but what I can see is the plume of steam erupting from the Sugarcane Mill frantically processing cane at this time of the year.

Quaintly coloured red and yellow trains zig zag their way through the fields, pulling  the freshly harvested cane back to the mill for processing.  I t never ceases to amaze me how many carriages these little engines can pull at one time. I have counted as many as 127.


I love to visit Proserpine; the shop keepers are friendly, helpful and offer a happy smile.

I have many favourite shops in Proserpine. The Whitsunday  Bakery in the main street sells the most delicious pies and  gorgeous cakes. My favourite is a little cake known as ‘’Peach Blossoms’’


Colour me Crazy is the most colourful shop I have ever walked into. If I need a dose of colour therapy – in I go. And, always find what I am looking for. The gift wrapping is stunning as well – and complimentary.


Epicure is my favourite kitchenware shop with all the on trend culinary items. It has transformed me into the “Wiz in the kitchen” that I now am.

O’Duinns Pub transports me straight back to Ireland. The music they play, the accents you hear as the waiters take your order and the Menu – all with an Irish theme.

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