U.N.E. Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and Applies History


Wednesday 17 February, 2016.

“Oh, oh!. It looks like we are in trouble!” joked Barry as he read the “Do not disturb” sign below. I had just received my “Welcome pack” from the University of New England and was excitedly showing my little family the contents.

After the successful Genealogy Workshops I held in Proserpine late last year following my Research trip to Ireland, I pondered the next step along the way to acquire formal qualifications in the field to practise as a local or family Historian.

Attending University College Cork had whet my appetite for further Genealogy study.

I was reading my favourite Genealogy magazine “Australian & New Zealand inside history” the July-August 2015 edition, when I stumbled upon an entire article written by Sarah Trevor entitled “Studying the Past” on page 32. To my delight the very first Course that was mentioned was at the University of New England and it suited me perfectly.

After several on line chat sessions with UNE, and, by the way the administration staff are extremely helpful and very friendly, I ascertained that, with my former tertiary qualifications I was entitled to enrol to study on-line the Advanced Diploma in local, family and applied History. So, just before Christmas I received the wonderful news that I had been offered a place in the Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and applied History course.




I am super delighted to have been accepted at UNE to study this Genealogy course as for a few weeks there I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted. University of New England, according to the In History Magazine, was one of the first tertiary education institutions in Australia to offer courses in Genealogy and as it is a distinguished course it is quite competitive and so to be offered a place in this course is a great honour.


And now to begin the next exciting chapter of my life.

In January I ordered my required text books from the United Campus Bookshop. After an anxious wait of two weeks, I phoned the United Campus Bookshop.

It turns out that there was a bit of a mix up when my books took a holiday to the Whitsundays.

As there were 2 bar codes, Australia Post couldn’t figure out which of the bar codes was correct and returned the parcel to the United Campus Bookshop.

The parcel of books was again posted, this time a new and not recycled box was used and forwarded by express post. I received them just 3 days later.

I have converted the third bedroom into a study so that I can close the door each evening leaving my work laid out for the following day.

I bought a huge 7 drawer solid pine desk from our local Burnips’s store. They sell beautiful and very practical furniture.

Barry moved the Computer and all its equipment into the room.

I have installed extra lighting for late evenings study and I am ready to go.

Last week I joined the on line Orientation week and took the compulsory integrity test and acquired my first badge!

I am opening my emails from UNE each day and reading, reading, reading.

Next Monday, 22 February, 2016 the Lectures begin in earnest and I can’t wait to begin.

If there are any fellow Genealogists who have suggestions that they would like to offer for my successful completion of the Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History, please leave a comment. I will look forward to hearing from you.


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