Genealogy Workshop

Book press in antique shop Westport Ireland
Book press in Antique and Rare books shop in Westport, Ireland with quote at base from Dutch Priest Desiderius Erasmus, Humanist and Editor of the New Testament 1469-1536.”When I get a little money, I buy books: and if any is left I buy Food and Clothes.

4th September, 2015

I have some exciting news to tell you. The Genealogy Workshop date has been announced. It is to be held at the monthly meeting of the Whitsunday Family History group located in the Proserpine Community Centre, 36 Gardenia Street, Proserpine, Queensland, Australia at 9.30am on Saturday 12th September, 2015.

This Workshop will give all local Whitsunday Family History groups the opportunity to improve their skills in family history research using the latest electronic and other resources. Also to learn about the Repositories where Genealogy Records in Britain and Ireland are held. It won’t all be hard work as we will break into groups and practice the new techniques.

I will also talk about the Week I spent in Enniscorthy learning more about my Prendergast family who built the Castle in 1201. I will show you a video of the 1798 Rebellion Re-enactment. It was a very enjoyable and exciting week.

I will delight in telling you about my Genealogy Journey to Ireland, the interesting places I visited, the information I acquired and the interesting people that I met.

This is an open invitation for all interested fellow Genealogists. You are most welcome.

Please remember to bring a note-pad and pen to take notes. Also, as the meeting may extend in to the afternoon it might be an idea to bring a packed lunch as well. I am not joking! There is so much to tell.

14 September, 2015.

The Proserpine Community Centre was a hive of industry for the week leading up to the Genealogy Workshop.

Julie Scanlon the Centre manager was busy preparing a Brilliant Workshop Flyer and emailing it to all the local libraries and Museums.

Secretary Pat rushed to the Guardian Newspaper to give them details of the Workshop in the hope that they would write a follow up story and to invite a Journalist to attend.

Pat also visited the Whitsunday Regional Mayor to personally extend an invitation to her in the hope that her schedule was not already full and that she would be able to attend the Workshop.

Both Librarian Linda and Secretary Pat baked furiously to ensure that all the delegates were treated to a delicious morning Tea on Saturday.

Barry and I worked well into the dead of night each evening for the 10 days leading up to the Workshop to ensure that the Power point Presentation was perfect.

We decided to design the power point presentation in keeping with the Blog Theme.

Saturday morning arrived and 14 excited people arrived for the Workshop.

I introduced each Genealogy Expert in order of their presentations at UCC. We showed some of their photos and I outlined what papers they had delivered.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So that our delegates could hear the beautiful lilting Irish accent, we played segments of the wonderful Genealogy Show that the lovely Lorna Moloney delivers on Radio Corca Bascinn.

I think that nearly all of our Experts have been interviewed by Lorna who is a natural interviewer and draws out all the guests (myself included)

We watched a couple of You Tube clips, one of Regina Sexton talking about Medieval food “What our Ancestors ate” and the other of the “Dead Money” show on T.V showing Steven Smyrl outlining how they go about Heir Hunting.

I also explained how with my Genealogy Expert on hand I was able to breeze through the various Repositories in Dublin to find Documents relating to my Ancestors in Ireland. This would normally be a daunting task without an Expert escorting me on my Bespoke Archives visit to Dublin.So many people visit Ireland trying to discover their Irish Roots and return to Australia disappointed.  I found a wealth of information on my visit.

My visit to Enniscorthy was so exciting and I am sure that I was able to pass on all the details of how kind all the people were who took great care of me on my visit. I was also able to enlighten people who have never visited Enniscorthy about the town and the important role it played in the 1798 Rebellion.

I was trying not to name drop but it was hard to hide the fact that I was delighted to have met the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny at the Launch of the Catholic Parish Registers in Dublin on July 8th, the Enniscorthy Municipal District Chairman Paddy Kavanagh who presented me with a beautiful book about Enniscorthy on 31st July and the Ambassador of France to Ireland Jean-Pierre Thebault on Saturday 1 August at the unveiling of the plaque dedicated to the Rebels of the 1798 Rebellion


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