Dublin and Home

4 Aug. 2015

St. Stephens Green shopping centre
St. Stephens Green shopping centre

While I am writing, I am sitting eating “Butlers” Dark Chocolate with Irish Whisky. Their slogan is “purveyors of Happiness. I think it should read “purveyors of the light head!” That’s it, the chocolate gets put away! This is my third attempt with the blog and that Chocolate is mighty strong!

St. Stephens Green shopping centre
St. Stephens Green shopping centre

Because I am flying back to Australia tomorrow I am winding down today. I have done my last little bit of shopping. Taken my last photos and packed my bags.

St. Stephens Green shopping centre
St. Stephens Green shopping centre


image image

Tonight I will go to the Gaiety Theatre for a performance of River Dance. I managed to get  a really good seat 5D and that is close to the stage. It should be wonderful.


This is not my last post on my blog because when I arrive back in Australia I will take you by the hand and introduce you to my beautiful piece of Paradise – the Whitsundays, so please keep reading my blog and enjoy!

8 August, 2015.

“I love a sunburnt Country

a land of sweeping plains

of ragged mountain ranges

of droughts and flooding rains

I love her far horizons

I love her jewel-sea

Her beauty and her terror

a wide brown land for me!”


This is the second stanza of a much loved poem recited by Australians and when I was a child at school, learnt by heart. I hope Australian children still do. It was written by Dorothea Mackellar in 1908 and this is the poem that came to mind as we flew over the Australian outback. My first sighting of Australia in 46 days.

Flying over outback Australia
Malaysian Airways Flight Attendant

I have had a most wonderful experience in traveling to Ireland to research my Irish Prendergast family history. I have fallen in love with Ireland and it’s kind and generous people. Whose sense of humour and love of life never ceases to amaze me. I loved visiting England and France as well.

And I am home now. Home in my beloved Australia. A land I know well because I grew up here. We are blessed to have the diversity and natural beauty of scenery, an abundance of fresh produce, meat, poultry, fish and seafood,fruit, vegetables and a multitude of crops and industries. We have an abundance of natural resources – second to none –  which we share with the world.

We are a new country with a blended culture of over 200 years of peoples coming from many nations around the world and sharing with us their histories, customs and traditions. I am very proud of my Dad’s Irish roots and my Mum’s Welsh/Scottish roots.

We have a history of Indigenous people dating back thousands of years whose culture we are still learning about as they have so much to offer us – and we them.

We are at peace. We have freedom of expression. Freedom of Religion.

We have a “Fair go’ attitude meaning that if someone is prepared to try hard to achieve something we will support them in their endeavours. And even if they don’t succeed, be proud of them for “Having a go”

It is 5.36am on Saturday 8/8/15 and I have been awake since 4.30am this morning. I am suffering from jet lag but considering the fact that I checked out of my hotel room in Dublin on Wednesday 5/8/15 at 4.15am and didn’t arrive back in the Whitsundays until yesterday Friday 7/8/15 at 3.30pm  and even allowing for the time differences, it was one mighty long journey. I was exhausted when I arrived back home and grateful that my darling Barry was waiting to greet me and carry those two heavy suitcases.

This morning I will attend the monthly meeting of the Whitsundays family history group in Proserpine. I know the members are looking forward to hearing about my journey.

Later in the day we will take a walk around my neighbourhood here in Cannonvale (Airlie Beach) in the beautiful Whitsundays and with my photography I will show you where I live.

Thank you all for being my wonderful travelling companions, with your comments of support and love I have achieved what I set out to do – and much, much more!



  1. So glad to see the photos of the rest of your trip and your lovely neighborhood in Australia. It was wonderful to meet you at the Dublin airport and be on the tour with you. Always exciting to meet a fellow genealogist. Being gone for two weeks was long for me, I can hardly imagine 46 days and how far you traveled. Take care!


    • Hi Chris, it was so lovely to meet you in Dublin. Each time we passed a Cemetery I could see your eyes light up. Once a Genealogist, always a Genealogist! I haven’t calculated how many miles/ Kilometres I travelled but it must be a few thousand. I am glad I could show you my lovely neighbourhood. Fond Regards, Jennifer.


  2. Hi Jenny,
    So pleased you have had a wonderful time! It has been exciting reading about your travels and escapades. It wouldn’t have been you if there wasn’t a drama somewhere in your travels!
    Safe trip home look forward to talking to soon xxxx Margaret


  3. Dear Jen
    I am so excited to think you must be on your way home, Thank you for all those wonderful photos of Enniscorthy, it made my years of research come to life. Father John Murphy was one of my heroes along with Father Roche who was also very brave. I look forward to the long talks we will have once you settle back home. Have a safe & enjoyable trip, I know Barry & Sasha will give you a very warm welcome
    God Bless
    Lorna P.


  4. Hi Jennifer! I got goosebumps from reading your posts about Enniscorthy and your mock arrest. Glad to know you’re safe and free to travel back to Australia in style rather than on a convict ship. You certainly had a memorable, trip of a lifetime and I know you’ll treasure the wonderful memories. Spending time with you in Cork was delightful even though it was just a whistle stop along your route. I’ll miss reading of your escapades, but hope we’ll stay in touch! Love, Stacy


    • Hi Stacy,
      Lovely to hear from you. Yes, it was a bit scary being mock arrested.it gave me a frightening taste of what the real thing would have been like. And, I didn’t like it!
      I will fly home to Australia tomorrow and once back in the beautiful Whitsundays, introduce you to my little piece of paradise on the blog.
      Love from Jennifer.


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